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FileDepot is a convenient and simple way to transfer files within Michigan State University or with colleagues outside the university. Please do not use FileDepot for the transfer of sensitive Institutional Data without first encrypting the files using these guidelines. If you are transferring sensitive Institutional Data within the University you may use FileDepot Internal. Learn more about which data are considered sensitive at the Securing Institutional Data website.

Note for MSU Faculty/Staff: If you have not reset your password to sync with CampusAD, you will be unable to login to FileDepot or FileDepot Internal until you reset your password. Reset your password by visiting and selecting the “Change A Password” button. Departmental NetIDs do not have a CampusAD account and will not be able to authenticate to the service. Individuals must use their personal ID to login. See TB609 for information on NetID privileges.

If you are an MSU user, you may login here:

Log in with your MSU CampusAD credentials to avoid additional verification later in the process.

Anyone may perform the following activities:

  Drop off  
Drop off (upload) a file for an MSU user (email verification required)
  Pick up  
Pick up (download) a file dropped off for you.

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